Hide Survey Results Graph in SharePoint


There is a survey list in sharepoint site. Is there a way to hide the result graph from users. i.e to hide the grapical representation for all the users.


Yes, his is definitely feasible with the out-of-box features of sharepoint. Perform the following steps

Add the survey list to the web part pages as the ListView web part

Site Actions –> Edit Page –> Add a Web Part

Under Lists and Libraries, choose the survey list and add to the web part page

Now you get the ListView web part for the survey.

On the web part settings Edit –> Modify Shared Web Part

Under the Selected View —> Change the View to “<Summary View>”

Then provide the contributor-level  permissions to the users, who want to participate in the survey

Now it won’t show the option for Graphical Responses for everyone.

If you want to get back old-view, just flip the view back to “Overview”



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