Useful resources on SharePoint 2013 Capacity Planning

I’ve collated a list of resources that comes handy when we do Capacity Planning and Sizing for SharePoint Server 2013. The list of resources are below :-

1.Hardware and software requirements for SharePoint 2013

2. Enterprise scale farms for SharePoint Server 2013

3. Streamlined topologies for SharePoint Server 2013

4. Traditional topologies for SharePoint Server 2013

5.Plan and use the Distributed Cache Service in SharePoint Server 2013

6.Plan for feeds and the Distributed Cache Service in SharePoint Server 2013

7.Enterprise Search architectures for SharePoint Server 2013

8.Internet sites search architectures for SharePoint Server 2013

9.Scale search for performance and availability in SharePoint Server 2013

10.Capacity Planning, Sizing and High Availability for Search in SPC172

11.Configuring a highly available workflow in workflow manager

12.Use best practice for configurations for the SharePoint 2013 virtual machines and Hyper-V environment

13.Plan Office Web Apps Server

14.Estimate performance and capacity requirements for enterprise intranet collaboration environments (SharePoint Server 2013)

15.Estimate capacity and performance for Web Content Management (SharePoint Server 2013)

16.Estimate capacity and performance for Managed Metadata Service

17.Estimate capacity and performance for video content management in SharePoint Server 2013

18.Estimate capacity and performance for compliance and eDiscovery for SharePoint Server 2013

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Microsoft Community Day–Nov 9

Tomorrow, Nov 9 is the Microsoft Community Day, there are whole lot of community activities planned around latest Microsoft technologies. 

The following webcasts are scheduled.

Working with Windows Azure IaaS

2:00PM IST


What’s new in CRM 2013

3:00PM IST



4:00PM IST


Developing Near Field Communication in Windows Phone 8

5:00PM IST


Windows 8 and Hyper-V

6:00PM IST


Exchange Server 2013: Modern Public Folders

8:00PM IST


Working with SharePoint 2013

9:00PM IST


The following chat sessions are also scheduled


If you are interested, please register here

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