SharePoint 2010 Sandbox Solution Faqs

1.What is a sharepoint solution ?
The sharePoint solution is a deployable package that contain features and assemblies. It is a .cab based file with a .wsp extension. Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Project template helps to create .wsp files. A solution can contain multiple features. Each feature can encapsulate functionality such as web parts, list definitons, modules and event receivers.

2.What is a sandboxed solution ?
The sandboxed solution looks and behavies like a farm solution, but the assembly of a sandboxed solution is set to allow partially trusted callers.

3.Is the structure of the sandboxed solutions different from farm solution running with full-trust?
It is similar in structure, but the main difference lies in how the sandboxed solution is deployed and executed.

4.Can a sandboxed solution run as a farm-solution ?
A sharepoint solution can be executed as farm-solution by providing full-trust.

5.How site-collection administrators manage the sandboxed solutions ?
The site-collection administrators can navigate to the solution gallery at the site-collection level and can upload, activate, delete and manage solutions. The gallery also enables a site collection administrator to monitor a solution’s usage against a resource quota.

6.How to deploy the sandboxed solutions to the site-collection ?
The sandboxed solutions can be deployed to the site-collection, just by uploading the .wsp file to the gallery and activate it.

7.How to retract the sandboxed solutions ?
The sandboxed solution can be retracted by removing the solution from solution gallery. The features associated with the solution need to be de-activated before
retracting the solution.

8.How to deploy the sandboxed solution from one site-collection to another ?
Copy the solution to disk and upload solution to another site-collection from the disk.

9.Can a sharePoint 2010 visual web part be packaged as sandboxed Solution ?
The visual web part needs .ascx file to be deployed to the file-system of web front-end. The sandboxed solution can’t deploy files to the
web front-end.

10.How to debug sandboxed solutions ? How different it is from debugging of full trust solutions ?
The full-trust solutions run under IIS worker process w3wp.exe. However the sandboxed solutions run under sandboxed worker process called spucworkerprocess.exe. Visual studio automatically attaches debugger when we hit F5. If we’re debugging a sandboxed solution that is already deployed, debugger needs to be explicity attached to the sandboxed worker process called spucworkerprocess.exe

11.What SharePoint components can be performed with Sandboxed solutions?
In a sandboxed solution, web parts, list definition & instances, content types, fields, modules, declerative workflows and event receivers can be created. All the classes below SPSite like SPSite, SPWeb, SPList and SPListItem are accessible inside sandboxed solution.

12.What are the permissions that are blocked for a sandboxed web part ?
a)Data-access outside of site-collection
b)Internet Access to make web service calls
c)Access to hard-drive for read/write files
d)Access to Partially trusted code

13.How to make sandboxed solution to reach outside world for performing trusted operation ?
Leverage Business Connectivity Services to read/write data outside of sandboxed solution. The other option is to invoke an assembly(class)deployed as full-trust solution. This proxy class can be called from sandboxed solution.

14.How to monitor the farm solution ?
SharePoint 2010 provides tools to monitor and set quotas on sandboxed solution. Farm administrators can navigate to
Central Administration –> Application Managment –> Configure Quotas and Locks in site-collection to configure Quotas and Locks.

15.How Quotas and Locks are managed ?
The Resource Quota properties for the user solutions can be set in the Site Quota Information section. 


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