AWS DevAx::connect Webinar series – June 2021

We know our developer community is continuously looking for new ways to innovate, build and scale their businesses. Join us for AWS DevAx::connect Webinar Series, a 4-day technical walk through sessions with live demos for developers to learn and build on AWS.

Event Schedule

·       Tuesday, June 1, 2021: Building scalable and maintainable infrastructure with the AWS CDK

·       Thursday, June 3, 2021: Accelerate idea to implementation of Microservices using AWS Copilot

·       Tuesday, June 8, 2021: CI/CD with AWS proton for containers

·       Thursday, June 10, 2021: Build GraphQL enabled applications using Amazon AppSync

Check the full agenda here

Why Attend?

 Whether you are an early-stage developer or have an advanced proficiency level, this series caters to everyone and will show you how to modernize your applications like an expert!

Learn through interactive presentations, live demos and technical insights from AWS experts.

Get your queries answered through Live Q&A session with the experts.


  • Mohammed Fazalullah Qudrath, Developer SA – ASEAN, AWS
  • Sundararajan Narasiman, SA – Developer Specialist, AISPL
  • Anitha Deenadayalan, Specialist SA, Dev Readiness, AWS

Join us for AWS DevAx::connect series

WSL2 apt update not working

I have recently set up Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) on my Windows 10 laptop and installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. When i tried ‘apt update’ on Ubuntu distro, it failed with following error messages.

> sudo apt-get update
Err:1 bionic-security InRelease
  Temporary failure resolving ''
Err:2 bionic InRelease
  Temporary failure resolving ''
Err:3 bionic-updates InRelease
  Temporary failure resolving ''
Err:4 bionic-backports InRelease
  Temporary failure resolving ''

I did the following to get it working.

Step #1.

On the Ubuntu distro, create a file at this location /etc/wsl.conf.

The file should have the following configuration.

generateResolvConf = false

If we don’t set this file, WSL will automatically load a default /etc/resolv.conf with default namesever configuration.

Shut down and restart the distro.

Step #2

Delete the default /etc/resolv.conf file.

sudo rm /etc/resolv.conf

Create a new /etc/resolv.conf with the following entry.


Now, restart the WSL2 and open the distro again. The apt update on WSL2 should work like a charm.