Install Docker Desktop on Windows 10 using WSL2 backend

Nowadays, Docker is the most widely used container runtime for building and running containerized applications/micro-services. The Docker Desktop for Windows is a compelling package that comes with Docker Engine, Docker CLI client, Docker Compose, Notary, Kubernetes and CredentialHelper. In Windows 10, you can install Docker Desktop for Windows and run containers in two modes – Windows Containers mode and Linux Container mode.

I followed the steps in this article to get going. There are two options for setting up Docker on Windows – one using WSL2 back-end and other using hyper-v backend.

In this post, i’m leveraging WSL2 back-end. For leveraging WSL2 backend, Linux kernel update package needs to be installed. Download and run the Docker Desktop install after meeting all the pre-requisistes in the above mentioned article. For setting up WSL2 on Windows 10, you can refer my other blog post.

After successful installation of Docker Desktop for Windows, Log out and Log in back.

The Docker is started automated.

Now I can pull a container image from Powershell terminal.

I can also run the same image from WSL2 terminal.

Thus WSL2 provides seamless integration with Windows 10.

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