List of Azure services that can be moved from one subscription to another subscription

I have a requirement to transfer the entire SharePoint 2013 Farm on  Azure with Virtual Network, Cloud services, Storage accounts, Virtual Machines, Subnets and Availability sets to a different Subscription on Azure. I did some analysis and in this migration process i have learnt that the following Azure services (as of today 07/29/2014) can be transferred from one Azure subscription to another Azure subscription without data-loss and downtime, by raising a support ticket with Microsoft Azure Support :-

  • Virtual Machines
  • Cloud Services
  • CDN
  • Web sites
  • Media Services
  • Service Bus
  • Storage
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Traffic Manager
  • Mobile Services
  • Virtual Network
  • Access Control Service (ACS)
  • Caching – we need to work with Engineering Team for migrating caching service
  • Reserved IP Address and the Reserved IPs under the list

However, there are certain Azure services that cannot be moved from One subscription to another subscription (as of today 07/29/2014):-

a) Active Directory (AAD)
b) BizTalk Services
c) HD Insight
d) Backup 
e) Hyper-V Recovery Manager
f) Azure Store
g) Import / Export
h) Scheduler
i) Management Services 
j) SQL Reporting

The following pre-conditions should be met before initiating a subscription transfer with Microsoft Azure support :

  • Source and destination subscription should be active
  • Selective service transfer is not feasible as of today, it might come in future. It has to be all or nothing.
  • The destination azure subscription should be empty, otherwise it will be overwritten during upgrade
  • Source and destination subscription should have same server administrator assigned until the migration is complete.

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