Book Review – SharePoint 2013 Planet of the Apps 2.0

I had a chance to read the book titled ‘SharePoint 2013 Planet of the Apps 2.0’ by Sahil Malik, SharePoint MVP and renowned technology expert. I bought the paperback edition of the book from few weeks back. The whole idea of buying a book on SharePoint 2013 App model was to have a single reference (one stop shop) for me to ramp up myself on SharePoint 2013 App Model. I’d say that this book has not let me down after purchasing it. Though the book is thin, it’s a well written book by Sahil Malik. The writing style is more of a class-room trainer narration style, which I like very much and keeps reader awake without getting bored. It also helped me to read the book within a day. The technical information presented in this book is very accurate (as per the pre-release SP 2013 timeframe). Personally, I like the following topics in the book, because of the way it is narrated and explained.

  • App Only Permission Policies
  • On the fly Permissions
  • Azure ACS and SharePoint Authentication Dance
  • S2S and SharePoint Authentication Dance
  • Cross Domain Security – Client Side Only


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