Microsoft MVP Renewed for 2009

I received a wonderful mail from Microsoft yesterday stating that I’ve been renewed as MVP in Windows SharePoint Services for the year 2009. I believe it’s a great honor to be an MVP. I’m entering into second year as MVP. 

It’s really exciting to be associated with this great product “SharePoint”. Because the product itself is fantastic, it has bunch of talented experts in the form of MVPs and support of product team is excellent. Moreover SharePoint community is really vibrant.

I’d to like thank my MVP Lead Abhishek Khant and Bob Fox of ISPA for their support and encouragement. I’d also like to thank people who have attended my talks, read my blogs and participated in the newsgroups and forums.

Last year I was contributing more through online. I’ve big plans for ISPA in India this year. I’d like to contribute more through offline this year.




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