How to Install VSTA (Visual Studio Tools for Applications)

I was searching for an installer for VSTA (Visual Studio Tools for application). Looks like there is no separate installable for VSTA (Visual Studio Tools for application). After a bit of research, I’ve learnt that VSTA is embedded inside Office 2007 Professional or higher.  We can install VSTA by performing the following steps

Control Panel —> Office 2007 — > Change — > Add or remove features

This will display all the Office 2007 suite of products and its corresponding features

Each of the office products like Word, Excel and InfoPath etc has the support for .NET Programmability support.  By default the programmability support is not enabled. We need to enable Programmability Support for the relevant products. This would bring the necessary VSTA support for IDE and handles all the application-level events of office.  So VSTA becomes the logical replacement for the legacy VBAs.


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26 thoughts on “How to Install VSTA (Visual Studio Tools for Applications)

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  2. Sir,

    Your help was tremendously useful. I have been searching for all sorts of remedies since 2 days over internet that “how to enable coding in info path using VSTA” at last my search ended at this article of yours.



  3. Worked like a charm. it was so frustrating after spending the whole day and installing plugins and other updates but this one finally worked.

  4. Thanks so much!!

    For me, I had to do:
    Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 -> Change -> Add or Remove Features

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