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Microsoft MVP Renewed for 2009

I received a wonderful mail from Microsoft yesterday stating that I’ve been renewed as MVP in Windows SharePoint Services for the year 2009. I believe it’s a great honor to be an MVP. I’m entering into second year as MVP. 

It’s really exciting to be associated with this great product “SharePoint”. Because the product itself is fantastic, it has bunch of talented experts in the form of MVPs and support of product team is excellent. Moreover SharePoint community is really vibrant.

I’d to like thank my MVP Lead Abhishek Khant and Bob Fox of ISPA for their support and encouragement. I’d also like to thank people who have attended my talks, read my blogs and participated in the newsgroups and forums.

Last year I was contributing more through online. I’ve big plans for ISPA in India this year. I’d like to contribute more through offline this year.




Azure Services Training Kit – PDC Review

The Azure Services Training Kit will include a comprehensive set of technical content including samples, demos, hands-on labs, and presentations that are designed to help you learn how to use the Azure Services Platform. This initial PDC Preview release includes the hands-on labs that were provided at the PDC 2008 conference. These labs cover the broad set of Azure Services including Windows Azure, .NET Services, SQL Services, and Live Services. It can be downloaded from the following location

Pocket Guides for Application Architecture

Many customers requested app arch guide 2.0 team of Microsoft for smaller, more focused guides.   As a result, Microsoft created a series of application architecture pocket guides based on Application Architecture Guide 2.0.  Each guide is focused on a particular topic.  

Microsoft prioritized topics based on customer demand.  Some customers wanted a focused guide on just the Agile Architecture Method, while others wanted a focused guide on the particular type of applications they build (Web, Rich Client, … etc.) 

Application Architecture Pocket Guides

Here’s the initial set of pocket guides from Microsoft:


Rampup Program for SharePoint

 Ramp Up program (  has just launched a brand-new learning track: SharePoint for Developers, Part I.

Ramp Up is a free, online, community-based program that can help users save time in learning Microsoft technology. The easy-to-access content (provided by subject-matter gurus) is specifically tailored to the Ramp Up program, and offered in a variety of forms (whitepaper, v-lab, codecast and slidecast). This SharePoint track, along with the other currently offered tracks (eg, Visual Studio 2008), teaches the important skills in a guided path, making the learning process easier and more efficient. Currently, there are no assessments in the program, so it’s quicker than ever to graduate and receive the reward (25% off on certification and 50% off on e-Learning – only for graduates of Ramp Up).


Heroes Community Launch for SQL Server 2008 in Chennai

This is a deep dive session on the SQL Server 2008 focusing on the practical application of the new features.


SQL Server 2008 – A demo feast
Hidden gems in SQL Server


Vinodkumar, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

Date & Time: 11-10-2008 (Saturday) between 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Venue: Muthaiyan Auditorium @ Centre for Environmental Science department in Anna university guindy campus, Chennai

Registration is open @

Hurry to block your seat!

Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint

Microsoft released the source code for the Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint—based on the Silverlight Beta 2 release. The Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint provide a way for developers to better understand how to integrate Silverlight applications with SharePoint. Silverlight is an incredibly popular technology and with the increase in SharePoint adoption we’re finding an increased call for integrating technologies like Silverlight with SharePoint.  

In this release, you’ll find five blueprint samples:

1.       Hello World
2.       Media Player
3.       Slider Control
4.       Custom Navigation
5.       Colleague Viewer


Included in the release are documentation for each of the samples and the source code (go to the Releases tab of the CodePlex site). Also posted to the site is an FAQ document. In the coming days and week, we’ll publish additional screen-casts and any other supporting documentation we create or that is provided to us through the developer community.

The links to get to the Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint are:

1.   –or direct at the CodePlex site

Programmatically Create SharePoint Survey questions


I’m seeing this question “Is there way to create SharePoint Survey questions programmatically ?” many times in SharePoint Forums and News Groups


The answer is that it’s definitely achievable programmatically through SharePoint API’s. The following snippet would help.

SPWeb web = SPControl.GetContextWeb(HttpContext.Current);

Guid surveyId = web.Lists.Add(“Name of the Title”, “Description of the survey”, SPListTemplateType.Survey);

SPList survey = web.Lists[“Survey List Name or Id];

string Question = “Question#1 for survey”;

StringCollection choices = new  StringCollection();

choices.Add(“first choice”);

choices.Add(“second choice”);

choices.Add(“third choice”);

survey.Fields.Add(Question, SPFieldType.Choice, true, false, choices);


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Hide Survey Results Graph in SharePoint


There is a survey list in sharepoint site. Is there a way to hide the result graph from users. i.e to hide the grapical representation for all the users.


Yes, his is definitely feasible with the out-of-box features of sharepoint. Perform the following steps

Add the survey list to the web part pages as the ListView web part

Site Actions –> Edit Page –> Add a Web Part

Under Lists and Libraries, choose the survey list and add to the web part page

Now you get the ListView web part for the survey.

On the web part settings Edit –> Modify Shared Web Part

Under the Selected View —> Change the View to “<Summary View>”

Then provide the contributor-level  permissions to the users, who want to participate in the survey

Now it won’t show the option for Graphical Responses for everyone.

If you want to get back old-view, just flip the view back to “Overview”



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Use Data View web part without unghosting the page

I’m wondering if it’s possible to use the data view web part available in sharepoint designer on a page without having to customize  or ‘unghost’ the page?

Yes, this is feasible and check the following steps

1. Create a sample web part page and add the dataview web part through sharepoint designer.

2. Now the sample web part page is unghosted. Export the web part from this web part page

3. Delete the sample web part page

4. Create a new web part page and import the web part

This way we can leverage the data-view web part without unghosting (or) customizing) 

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Hero’s Community Launch Event’08 in Chennai

This is a announcement to register yourself for the big celebration, the Hero’s Community Launch Event ’08 which will showcase all three product as Visual Studio 2008, Windows server 2008 and SQL Server 2008.

 Please register for the session @ and stand a chance to win full version of Visual studio 2008 or Windows Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008, TechNet plus subscription for one year, free exam vouchers, MS Press books & other goodies*. There are only limited seats available due to venue constrains, so please rush to register. *- There will be lucky draw and winner will be announced at the end of the session.  Topic: Hero’s Community LaunchDate: 14th June, 2008 (Saturday) [0900 hours to 1300 hours]


Chinmaya Heritage Center, 13th Avenue, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai — 600 031.